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AKO FenceCONTROL - mobile monitoring and control!

Daily fence control and troubleshooting is a must for every farmer - even if this task means a lot of time and work. AKO Fence Control offers constant fence monitoring from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. No matter whether in your barn, at home or on the go - you can check at any time wether your fence works as required and ensure that your animals can stand protected on the pasture. And the best thing is - should something happen to the fence system and the voltage suddenly falls below the safety limit, you will automatically receive a message on your smartphone and can react before unpleasant situations arise.

Fence monitoring has never been so easy. You and your animals are always on the safe side.

The control unit is attached to your existing fence system after the connection with the smartphone and keeps you up to date on the fence and battery voltage of your fence and the power supply. AKO Fence Control works with any type of energizer and fence type - devices that have been reliable for years can continue to do their job and benefit from the functions of the smart control system. AKO Fence Control harmonizes with every standard brand. The fence and device are connected to each other via an earth and power cable. Regardless of whether your energizer is operated via a 230 volt mains connection or requires a mobile power supply via a 9V or 12V energizer battery - AKO Fence Control is compatible with all common types of energy supply.

• AKO FenceCONTROL works with all commercially available energizers
• Automatic, immediate alarm messages for fence and battery status via push message
(additionally possible via email)
• Display of the fence voltage and supply voltages
• Turning the monitored 9 or 12 volt energizer ON / OFF
(if the energizer and the control unit are supplied from the same power source.
In order to optionally switch 230 V power supply units ON / OFF, the
ON / OFF switch adapter 441123 required)
• If the main power source fails, the FenceCONTROL is over for at least 24 hours
Back-up battery supplied
• unlimited number of users
• Graphical representation of the fence voltage, main and backup history
• Max. 10 FenceCONTROL units can be managed
• Status update possible at any time
• 2 years of free mobile data transfer included (no SIM card required)