AKO TitanNet Premium Vario

Our versatile wolf defence net from the TitanNet series with the new patented PREMIUM posts!

We have worked with experts in the field of wolf defence to completely revise our wolf net, finding you the perfect compromise between user-friendliness and effective herd protection.

The new, innovative and highly robust PREMIUM posts give the net maximum stability and sturdiness.

In addition to the greatest possible guarding security, special attention was paid to the defence against intruders from outside with this net.

The special +/- principle makes the TitanNet Premium Vario our most versatile net and you can adapt it to suit your own individual situation.

The vertical struts, tried and true for many years, provide a sturdy hold even on hilly and uneven terrain.

  • height 108 cm (8 horizontal wires) or 122 cm (9 horizontal wires), each available with single or double prong
  • 14 extremely robust and stable PREMIUM posts with galvanised ground tip
  • extremely stable welded knots
  • strengthened, energized upper poly wire
  • Horizontal current conduction with 3 x 0.30 mm TriCOND conductors per poly wire - very good conductivity and long durability
  • optionally connectable, reinforced grounding poly wire for earthing along the whole length of the net under difficult ground conditions (e.g. very sandy or dry soils)
  • improved footing and optimal terrain adaptation thanks to stable vertical struts every 30 cm
  • we offer a 3-year warranty against UV damage for all plastic poly wires
Ref. no.Ground spikeLengthHeightColourQty postsMatching replacement postPUPallet
27830Single prong50 m108 cmwhite / blue1427806124 PAL
27831Double prong50 m108 cmwhite / blue1427807124 PAL
27832Single prong50 m122 cmwhite / blue1427808124 PAL
27833Double prong50 m122 cmwhite / blue1427809124 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionColourMaterialPU
27239Herd Protection Bandblue / whitePlastic1/24
27806Spare Postbluethermoplastic + fibreglass1
27807Spare Postbluethermoplastic + fibreglass1
27808Spare Postbluethermoplastic + fibreglass 
27809Spare Postbluethermoplastic + fibreglass 
27250-5Base stopper for pasture nettingblackPlastic1/10/500