Battery Charger

for 12 Volt wet batteries and premium AGM batteries
  • the multi-stage battery charger allows batteries to be charged to almost 100 % of their original capacity thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • automatic diagnosis, restoration, charging and maintenance of batteries over months thanks to fully automatic switching between charging and maintenance mode
  • The following output options are available: 28.6 V, 29.2 V, 14.3 V, 14.6 V
  • Charging current with 12 Volt battery: 2 A, 5 A and 10 A
  • Charging current with 24 Volt battery: 2 A and 5 A
  • no risk of over-charging
  • electronically secured against user error
  • spark-proof
  • overheating protection with mini fan inside
  • fully protected against short-circuits and incorrect connections
Ref. no.PU