Compact Power AN 550

inexpensive, effective 12 Volt fence device for mobile use

  • ideal for horse and cattle fences – also for small animals like dogs, cats, poultry, rabbits and herons
  • for normal fence systems with low vegetation
  • with 12 Volt full discharge protection
  • Crocodile clips made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Low-battery mode: by means of the extended flashing interval (under 12 Volts to 11.5 Volts, pulse and LED flashing is extended to 3.5 sec., under 11.5 Volts, the LED flashes without pulse in an 8-sec. interval)
  • Battery not included

Matching accessories (not included in scope of delivery):

recommended solar module: item no. 375151 (15 watts)

recommended 12 Volt battery: Premium AGM 12 V, 32 Ah (441250), Premium AGM 12 V, 88 Ah (442064)

suitable ground / support rod item no. 44657

0.75 m Ground Rod (44619)

Warning Sign (446513)

Function control LED and visual battery warning indicator

  • Solar backup possible
  • 3-year warranty
Ref. no.PUPallet
3720551168 PAL
ModelRef. no.Stored Energymax. discharge energymax. voltageVoltage in Open CircuitVoltage at 500 Ohmstheoretical fence length as per VDEmax. fence length without vegetationmax. fence length with medium vegetationQty 1 m earth postsPower Consumption
Compact Power AN 5503720550.85 J0.55 J8,400 V7,500 V1,460 V23 km6 km1 km157 mA
Included in delivery:

1 x Compact Power AN 550

1 x fence / ground connector cable

1 x warning sign