PoultryNet All-In-One Kit 230 V

The all-round worry-free package, with all necessary components for installing an electrified mesh quickly and easily to protect poultry, dogs, cats, or rabbits.

With 1.0 joule charging energy in the power supply and a close-meshed net, the animals to be protected and the garden are safe.

  • no time-consuming modular purchases, all parts required conveniently in one box
  • 230 Volt power supply with 1.0 Joule Input: compact device with unrestricted protection period thanks to mains operation
  • net with particularly small mesh width in the lower area, as well as stable plastic posts with galvanised bottom tip
  • The set includes the matching ground post, a multi-level fence tester and all required cables. the set also includes the electric fence warning sign, which is always required and must be attached in a clearly visible place on the mesh
  • can be set up and dismantled in just a few minutes without the need for any special tools

A carefully thought-out concept and the range of products compiled by experts makes this set a real worry-free package!

Ref. no.PU
Ref. no.DescriptionWidthHeightPU
446517Door for electric fence nets for nets up to 106 cm86 cm106 cm1
Set includes:

1 x poultry net green, 50 metres, height 106 cm, double prong (3-year warranty for UV resistance of the wire)

1 x Fence Device 230 Volt Mains Operation Compact Power N 700 (3 year warranty)

2 x 10 m unterground cable (for connecting the device to the net and the earthing)

1 x Wire Connecting Clamp (for Connecting Fence Supply Line and Pasture Net)

1 x earth rod

1 x mesh repair kit

1 x fence tester

1 x warning sign

1 x assembly instructions