Twist Butler Netting Winder

The fantastic all-round helper for the day-to-day handling of pasture nets: it allows easy setup and dismantling of the nets and offers a handy solution for storage!

  • easy and at the same time practical solution for setting up and dismantling pasture nets
  • equivalent to a reel system for nets
  • can be used for all nets up to 125 cm tall incl. ground nails and 50 m length
  • the removable crank means that the rolled-up nets can be transported and stored standing up in a space-saving and orderly manner on the plates
  • pasture nets can be handled daily without the use of force or outside help thanks to the Twist Butler
Ref. no.DescriptionPU
279401 base element (plate and rod) with one crank1
279422 Base Elements (Plate and Rod)1