New fencing accessories in PINK and PETROL

The new grazing season is getting colourful! Up to now fencing accessories had the colours white, black, red and yellow. Now we have added pink and petrol in our colour selection. It is your choice, whatever you like.

Premium Combi-Insulator

• with short 6 mm support
• suitable for stranded wire, rope, 10/20 mm tape and wire

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Gate Handle

• with hook
• with simple tension spring
• galvanized

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TopLine Fence Tape

• width: 20 mm
• length: 200 m
• specification: 6 x 0.25 mm TriCOND
• resistance Ohm/m: 0.429
• max. recommended fence length: 4,000 m

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Plastic Post Classic

• for all conventional tapes, polywires, ropes and wires
• with galvanised ground nail
• post length: 156 cm

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