New Electric Fence Units 2016

230 Volts Mains Energizers

Power Profi Ni 10000

Fitted with AKOtronic pulse technology – much safer, more energy efficient and more current conductance even when vegetation is thick, thanks to the extremely high fence voltage.
  • extremely powerful 230 volt mains energiser
  • manufactured in accordance with the current European safety standard EN60335
  • fitted with two fence outputs (high/low)
  • microprocessor controlled
  • 3 years guarantee
  • for long fences with heavy vegetative growth
  • designed for robust species such as cattle, sheep, horses and deterring wild animals
  • three flashing LEDs for output voltage, earth potential and power consumption
  • the delayed power adjustment makes touching the fence safer for people and animals
  • the fence is constantly monitored by an alarm function, which triggers an alarm and slows the pulse sequence if the fence is touched for an extended period of time
  • very low power consumption in normal operating mode
  • power consumption: 13.0 watts

12 Volts Rechargeable Battery Unit

Mobil Power AD 5000 digital

Robust, portable and extremely powerful...
A new generation of units with unbeatable advantages: operates on 12 Volt battery, allows for solar assistance, optionally also suitable for 230 Volt mains connection (not included in the supplied package) and integrated 12 Volt battery container. Optionally also with GPS!
  • ultra high-capacity 12 volt battery unit for mobile, extreme applications and heavy vegetative growth
  • with 12 Volt full discharge protection
  • digital display for output voltage, power levels and battery voltage
  • two separate LEDs for fence voltage and battery control
  • manual turn switch adjusts output energy steplessly – this makes power input adjustable to adapt more efficiently to fencing conditions
  • can be operated via 230 V mains adapter
  • microprocessor controlled - energy saving mode
  • integrated solar charge controller
  • solar connection possible
  • GPS version: power consumption + 35 mA
  • not suitable for 9 V Operation!

9 Volt Batteriegeräte

Compact Power B 140

The cost-efficient "beginner's" 9 V battery energiser for mobile use in small pastures with little Vegetation. EU-certified
  • 9 V battery devices with effective output
  • visual check for fence insulation and battery voltage
  • easy handling
  • 12 V operation possible - with 12 V deep discharge protection
  • weather-proof – specially developed and tested for use in fields
  • most up-to-date microcontroller technology
  • including ground rod and fence / ground connection cable
  • 3 years guarantee

Savanne – 12 Volts Rechargeable Battery Unit

Savanne 3000 includes metal box

  • 12 volt rechargeable battery device with extremely high power output
  • for long fence systems with heavy vegetative growth
  • also available as a starter set
  • manufactured in accordance with the current European safety standard EN60335
  • the latest device technology, controlled by microprocessor
  • device includes galvanised metal box
  • optimized consumption thanks to energy saving mode
  • 12 V full discharge protection
  • separate battery monitoring indicator
  • fence monitoring indicator
  • solar mode possible
  • 3 years guarantee
  • NEW: Now with ON/OFF switch!

Starterset Savanne 3000

Starter kit includes:
• 1 x Savanne 3000 - 12 Volt electric fence unit
• 1 x 12 V, 85 Ah special wet rechargeable battery
• 4 x battery acid
• 3 x ground rod
• 2 x ground cable 3 m
• for 441019: 1 x 25 Watt solar module