Kühe auf der weide mit Weidezaungeräten und Zubehör
Novelties and promo products
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Teaser image PREMIUM Posts for pasture nets
The new generation of posts for pasture nets
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Teaserbild Wolfsabwehr
Safely protected with WolfNet and WolfStop
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Wildabwehr mit WildNet
Effective wildlife defence with WildNet
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Teaserbild AKO Sun Power Solartechnik
Eco-friendly and cost-effective - solar technology
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AKO Premium Zäune für die Olympiasiegerin
Jessica von Bredow Werndl
AKO Premium Fences for the Olympic Champion
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Teaserbild Pferd auf Winterweide
Herding safety with timely pasture fence maintenance
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Litzclip, die Revolution unter den Weidezaun-Verbindern
Litzclip, a revolution in fence repair
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Your Electric Fence Experts

Electric fences from AKO-Agrartechnik enable a safe pasture management without constant human observation. Energizers in combination with appropriate fencing accessories, like posts, insulators, ropes etc., make a perfect solution for humane husbandry, high tending safety combined with little human effort.