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Fence configuration is no gamble with AKO!

  • Do you need a new fence for your herd of cattle that will last for the next 10 years with low maintenance?
  • The fence for your sheep needs a new, suitable pasture fencing device?
  • A wolf has been spotted in your area and you want to protect your herds?
  • Do you urgently need to plan a new pasture fence for your horses, but don't know which materials are needed and will match?
Find out which matching components you need for the ideal fence and configure your fence from the perfect conductor material to the optimum gate solution in our new pasture fence calculator .

When implementing the new calculator, we not only completely rethought the design, but also provided you as a user with lots of informative context and fence construction knowledge. We are happy to take on board the great feedback from our customers from day-to-day use and develop the calculator further based on this and optimise it precisely! Your feedback is therefore very welcome!
Due to the variety of products and solutions, a pasture fence range is extensive and can seem confusing at first - but with just a few steps and the new AKO pasture fence calculator , this becomes very easy. 

Answer the following questions for yourself:
  1. Which animals do I want to fence in or out?
  2. What area should be fenced in? A sketch is helpful here!
  3. How long should my fence stand?
    Permanent fences are robust and low-maintenance, but more expensive to build. They usually remain standing for 5-20 years. 
    Mobile fences are intended for short or medium-term fencing. They are quick to erect and can be moved flexibly. They stand for a few days, months or years.
  4. What power source is used to operate my electric fence?
    Electric fence energisers powered by 230V from the socket are the best and safest choice when available. For flexible and mobile use in more remote areas, there are various rechargeable battery/battery and solar solutions to choose from.

Once all parts of your fence have been defined, you will receive a material list that you can output as a PDF or Excel file. Order and purchase the desired items from the material list from your AKO retailer!

If you have any questions during the configuration process, you are welcome to use the integrated chat function to contact one of our experts in the pasture fence team.

Or you can reach us as usual by telephone on +49 8086 933-577 or by e-mail to weidezaun@kerbl.com!