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Pasture fence maintenance

Most paddocks are waking up from hibernation these days and thus offer the ideal opportunity to once again intensively take care of the maintenance of existing fences and thus make them fit and herd-proof for the coming grazing season!

What do I need to consider for safe grazing in winter?

Grafik zur Wirkungsweise eines Elektrozauns
The classic...enough earthing on the fence?
Electric fences work by the current pulse generated by the electric fence device flowing through the animal's body into the ground and back to the electric fence device via the installed earthing when the animal comes into contact with it. If the earthing is insufficient, the electric shock when the animal comes into contact with the fence cannot be strong enough to make the animal retreat.
Grafik zur richtigen Installation von Erdstäben für einen elektrischen Weidezaun
Therefore: Place the 1 - 2 m long earth poles (follow the instructions for the type of fence used!) in the moistest possible soil and connect them to each other and to the fence. In difficult soil conditions, bentonite around the earth rods can provide significant support! Ground rods as well as connections must also be rust-free, as rust also impedes the flow of current!


Repairing the pasture fence - a troubleshooting guide!

Wind and weather cause even the best fencing tape to change its material tension: the result is sagging lines in the conductor material. These flutter in the wind and are therefore difficult for the animals to recognise as fence lines. In addition, they can get tangled with each other or touch the ground or posts and thus the tension in the fence can be lost.
Durchhängendes Leitermaterial beim Weidezaun
Therefore: Simply re-tension pasture fence material with AKO's problem solvers and repair torn areas with LitzClip. This way, the electrification is optimally preserved and the fence remains herd-proof!

You can find suitable accessories such as the  Corner/Stretch Insulator Premium  or the  Tape/Rope Tensioner Premium  here.

A gate situation is a particularly suitable point for re-tensioning the conductor material: this is where animal, human and fence meet and you can thus directly incorporate fence maintenance into your daily routine. Here, too, there are perfectly adapted solutions that optimally support the current conduction in the fence and are at the same time easy to assemble and handle. The conductor material can be ideally re-tensioned with the  Gate / Tensioning Isolator TITAN . Our premium gate handles with pre-mounted LitzClip connectors keep the current in the fence and are easy for you to grip - especially in combination with the ingenious Gate Insulator X³ Premium , this enables the simple and ideal solution at the gate.
Torspannisolator im Einsatz
Torspannisolator im Einsatz