Grüner Pfeil mit Buchstabe C für Weidezaun Komponente Isolatoren

Which insulators are the right ones?

Insulators separate the conductor material from the post and prevent unwanted discharge into the ground. For each area of application, there are insulators that have been specially developed for the respective conductor material or the different post types. For most insulators, the larger the insulator, the better its insulating properties. Extra robust insulators should be used for corners and branches, as here high tensile forces become a stress test for the material.

In addition to their insulating properties, our insulators also lead to a real ease of work when handling the various conductor materials. For example, with the right insulator, sagging conductor material can be tightened again in just a few steps or partially torn tapes can be re-electrified.
Our insulators can be distinguished according to the following types of use:
Ecken-Isolatoren für Weidezäune
Corner / Strain Insulators
Corner and strain insulators help to make corners and angles in the fence course safe. Corner insulators keep the conductor material in the correct position when the fence changes direction. Due to their special construction, they withstand the extreme tensile forces that act in the course of the fence, especially in the corners. There are various adapted solutions for inner and outer corners. Strain insulators allow the conductor material to be stretched tightly without interruption to create an effective barrier. This ensures stability, efficiency and safety of your pasture fence.
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Strecken-Isolatoren für Weidezäune
Section insulators
Section insulators insulate the conductor material - be it wire, rope or tape - along long sections of the fence and keep it in the correct position. They ensure that the electricity flows continuously to maintain the effectiveness of your fence in keeping animals safe and secure. At the same time, they prevent short circuits or disconnections in the conductor. There is a particularly wide range of possible solutions here for the different conductor materials and posts: for nailing, screwing in with a support or screwing on with 2 separate screws. Likewise, depending on requirements, it can be decided whether the conductor material can run freely through the insulator or should be clamped by the insulator.
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Isolatoren für Torsysteme
Gate insulators
Gate insulators ensure that the electrical current flow is not interrupted even at gate situations in the fence and that the conductor material continues to be optimally electrified even after the gate or gate handle. They combine very good conductor properties due to metal components in combination with the required insulation properties in order to shield the current flow against unwanted discharge also at the gate. Similarly, gate insulators are often start/stop insulators: they withstand large tensile forces and enable the practical connection of the electric fence to the fence.
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Abstands-Isolatoren für Weidezäune
Offset Insulators
These insulators are used to ensure a greater distance between the fence and the attached electrical conductor, such as a wire, rope or tape. Offset insulators can also be used, for example, to mount two fence lines on a row of posts by placing sufficient distance between the two lines of conductor material when mounted on the front and back. Offset insulators also serve to prevent animals from getting close to the posts, e.g. if they were to chew on them. They allow you to electrify your pasture fences effectively and safely. This helps you to keep your animals safe on the pasture and to repel predators.
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