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Grüner Pfeil mit Buchstabe F für Weidezaun Komponente Sicherheitskomponenten

Safety components

With the appropriate safety components, pasture fences become safe - for people and animals! They are essential to prevent accidents. On the one hand, this is about visibility - an electric fence must be easily recognisable as such - but also about risk avoidance due to insufficient fence voltage or electric fences and extreme weather events.
Frau prüft mit einem Zaunprüfer ihren elektrischen Weidezaun
Fence tester
For daily checking at the fence whether the necessary minimum herding voltage is available for your animal! Several measurements of the minimum voltage of 2,000 volts are essential for this. It is best to start these measurements at the end of the fence. Every operator of electric fencing systems is legally obliged to check the proper functioning of the electric fencing system regularly (once a day). It is recommended to keep a fence diary with the results of these measurements. The proper mechanical condition of the fence must be checked regularly (e.g. weekly). All connections on fence supply lines, fence wires (e.g. nodes) and earth lines must be checked regularly for proper contact (avoid loose contacts) to ensure proper operating condition and to avoid radio interference.
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Mann bringt ein Warnschild am elektrischen Weidezaun an
Warning sign
To inform third parties that electricity is flowing! Please attach the signs to the fence at regular, clearly visible intervals!
Excerpt from the safety standard: "...Every part of an electric fence installed along a public road or public way must be marked at frequent intervals by warning signs. These must be securely fastened to the fence posts or firmly clamped to the fence wires...."
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Mann betrachtet die Ergebnisse der Zaun-Funktions-Kontrolle in der App von FenceControl
The new FenceCONTROL enables simple, distance-independent monitoring and control of fence systems. If the minimum guard voltage is not reached (threshold can be set individually) or if there is a complete failure, you will be alerted immediately by push message to your mobile phone. There you can get further details about the monitored fence system, change alarm thresholds, track fence and battery voltages graphically and get the current status at any time.
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Gerät für Blitzschutz an einem Zaunpfahl installiert
Lightning Protection
Protects your electric fence unit from overvoltage caused by lightning strikes to the fence system: To prevent lightning damage, the fence line on the building must be routed through a lightning protection device with choke and spark gap before connecting it to the electric fence unit, which is attached to the outer wall of the building on non-combustible material. This also applies to combination units if they are operated with a mains adapter.
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