Ingenious PlatinumLine conductor material from AKO: set new standards for your pasture fences

Eine Pferdeweide mit zwei Pferden umzäunt von AKO Leitermaterial PlatinumLine An ideal way to improve the safety of your pasture fence is to use conductor materials from our new PlatinumLine. These products stand for honest quality made in Germany. The tapes and ropes contain many thick copper and stainless steel conductors, which ensure a better shock effect when touched by animals and excellent conductivity. The low resistance ensures maximum herding safety and enables an even electrical power supply along the entire fence, even with long fence systems. The pasture fence tapes are particularly robust and durable thanks to the use of extra strong plastic threads and reinforced outer edges. The unique braiding in the PlatinumLine ropes ensures maximum tensile strength and durability, while the conductor wires run continuously on the surface and thus ensure improved contact with animals.

PlatinumLine: Superior quality and performance for long-lasting pasture fences

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5-year warranty

5-year warranty on UV resistance: 
We emphasise our confidence in the quality and durability of the PlatinumLine conductor material with a comprehensive guarantee on UV resistance for five years.
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Conductor wires

Maximum conductivity thanks to an extra large number and thickness of copper and stainless steel conductors: 
The PlatinumLine stands out from conventional materials thanks to its outstanding conductivity. Thanks to the use of numerous and thick copper and stainless steel conductors, it guarantees optimum electrical voltage along the entire length of the fence - even with extremely long fences.
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Maximum herding safety with particularly low resistance: 
The safety of your animals is our top priority. For this reason, PlatinumLine was developed to have a particularly low resistance. This guarantees maximum herding safety and ensures a consistently high electrical voltage throughout the entire fence run.
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Cross braiding

Unique braiding for maximum tensile strength and durability: 
The innovative braiding technique used for the PlatinumLine ropes and strands not only gives the material exceptional tensile strength, but also improved elasticity. This unique construction ensures outstanding durability and makes the conductor material significantly more robust compared to conventional and twisted ropes and strands.
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Electrical voltage

Optimised shock effect in the event of contact with animals: 
PlatinumLine conductor materials enable the best possible shock effect in the event of contact with animals thanks to the conductive wires running along the entire surface. This not only contributes to the safety of your animals, but also promotes their respect for the fence.
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Ultimate load

Extremely robust and durable: 
PlatinumLine is extremely robust and durable thanks to the unique braiding of the ropes and strands, the specially reinforced outer edges of the strips and the use of materials that can withstand heavy loads. It therefore offers you a reliable and durable solution for your pasture fencing requirements.


Tape PlatinumLine

Weidezaunband PlatinumLine

Poly Wire PlatinumLine

Weidezaunlitze PlatinumLine

Rope PlatinumLine

Weidezaunseil PlatinumLine

AKO PlatinumLine Leitermaterial in drei verschiedenen Verpackungen und Größen
Choose PlatinumLine from AKO and rely on a conductor material that sets new standards in terms of conductivity, durability and animal welfare. Place your trust in an innovative solution that not only fulfils your expectations, but exceeds them. Welcome to the future of pasture fence technology.

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