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Discover the new generation of PREMIUM Posts for pasture nets

The new PREMIUM posts are the latest innovation from AKO. Special attention was paid to the selection of the right materials during the development of these new posts. The combination of a high-strength thermoplastic and long fibreglass fibres provides excellent stability and rigidity. The glass-fibre reinforced material guarantees maximum UV resistance and durability.

The posts are used in the following two colour variants in the AKO Premium nets:
  • blue for sheep/wolf nets for better visibility for humans and animals
  • anthracite for poultry nets for discreet colouring in gardens
Compared to conventional posts, the new PREMIUM posts are significantly
stiffer and less susceptible to bending under tensile load (especially at the beginning or end of the net and in the corners). Thus, a reliable and upright stand of the net - even in adverse weather conditions - can be guaranteed.

Special attention was paid to the everyday handling of the nets.
Despite retaining the tried-and-tested diameter, it was possible to achieve
slight reductions in the weight of the new post, thus enabling even more
comfortable working.
  • extremely robust and stable due to material mix of high-strength thermoplastic and long fibreglass fibres
  • significantly stiffer and less susceptible to tensile stress than conventional net posts
  • reliable and upright standing of the net - even in adverse weather conditions
  • ground nail and head insulator are firmly and inseparably moulded to the stake
  • extended double tip for even more secure anchoring in the ground
  • patent pending
Bild von einem Fiberglas Pfahl verglichen mit einem Standard Pfahl
When designing the new head insulator, we incorporated the years of experience of professionals in the field. This is already sprayed inseparably with the post in the production process and guarantees a permanent hold. The new rounded design prevents the wires from snagging when the nets are rolled up and out.
Fiberglas Pfahl Kopfisolator Beispielbild
Compared to conventional net posts, the nails (single and double prong)
are firmly overmoulded at the end of the post and are thus securely and
inseparably connected to the post.

The galvanised double prongs on the post have also been extended and provide even more secure anchorage in the soil - even in damp and soft ground.
Bild über Doppelspitzen des Fiberglas Pfahls

Curious to find out more?

Then see for yourself - all our AKO PREMIUM nets are already equipped with the new posts to meet the highest demands of professional animal husbandry.