New! Digital AKO “All-in-One" DUO voltmeter checks the voltage of fence devices, electric fences and 9 volt or 12 volt batteries.

Conventional fence voltmeters only measure the fence (high) voltage and cannot read the lower battery voltages. Multimeters can test batteries but are damaged when testing the high voltages of electric fences.

AKO's DUO voltmeter measures both high and low voltages with a single, inexpensive tool.

  • All-in-one features:
  • measures the high voltage on the device or fence in kilovolts (0.5 - 13.0-> 500 - 13,000 V) and the battery voltage in Volts (from 3 - 18 V). Values above this are indicated by "Hi".
  • digital display enables the precise display of the measured value
  • lightweight and simple to use
  • extra-long battery life thanks to power saving technology -> Lo = Low Batt Info
  • operated with: 1 x 9 V Block Battery
  • Battery included
Ref. no.ColourPU