AKO Smart Satellite

The Smart Satellite for connection to the Kerbl Welt app allows you to check the fence voltage at any time in real time and from any location.

  • for mobile monitoring of the set minimum guard voltage on the fence
  • Real-time alarm message in the app if the voltage falls below the minimum guard voltage preset directly on the satellite (selectable between 3 kV, 5 kV, 7 kV)
  • thanks to the satellite's direct connection to the cloud, no WLAN is required, making it easy to monitor fence systems from any location

Advantages of the Kerbl Welt app:

free download

Use of all functions without follow-up costs and permanently free mobile data transfer from the Smart Satellite to the app

unlimited number of smart devices and users can be linked

Checking the current fence and supply voltage as well as an overview of the historical trends

Utility model application registered!

Ref. no.PUPallet
4411441/34612 PAL
Included in delivery:

1 x AKO Smart Satellite

2 x AA batteries

1 x earth cable with ground rod

1 x fence connector cable

1 x stainless steel clamp for connection directly to the conductor material