AKO TitanNet Premium XBraid

Our professional net with extremely robust, braided wires!

TitanNet XBraid Premium nets are the safe, simple and efficient solution for protecting your animals. With its reliably high conductivity and robust construction, it provides an effective barrier against unwanted intruders.

  • Height 122 cm with 9 horizontal braided wires, with stainless steel and copper conductors
  • 14 extremely robust and stable PREMIUM posts with galvanised ground tip
  • Conductor material in the stranded wire runs continuously on the outside and always ensures optimum contact when animals touch it
  • high tensile strength and robustness of the wires make this net particularly durable
  • extremely stable welded knots
  • easy assembly and disassembly thanks to the combination of PREMIUM posts and robust braided wires, resulting in fewer tangles
  • improved footing and optimal terrain adaptation thanks to stable vertical struts every 30 cm
  • particularly good visibility due to the colour combination of blue/white - ideal for use when defending against wild animals and wolves
  • additional thick, tin-plated copper conductors in the differently coloured 2nd wire from the top wire ensure minimum electrical resistance and maximum conductivity
  • we offer a 3-year warranty against UV damage for all plastic poly wires
  • optionally connectable, reinforced grounding wire for earthing along the whole length of the net under difficult ground conditions (e.g. very sandy or dry soils), as well as to prevent wild animal damage

THE wolf defence net for professional sheep and goat farmers!

The combination of braided wires and the innovative PREMIUM posts make this net the ideal solution for professional users, including for protecting livestock.

This combines the advantages of rigid vertical struts, particularly robust posts and braided wires instead of the usual twisted strands: the result is a particularly durable net with excellent conductivity and stability.

Ref. no.Ground spikeLengthHeightColourQty postsMatching replacement postPUPallet
27840Single prong50 m122 cmwhite / blue1427808124 PAL
27841Double prong50 m122 cmwhite / blue1427809124 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionGround spikeColourMaterialPost heightLengthWidthPU
27239Herd Protection Band blue / whitePlastic 100 m80 mm1/24
27256Supplementary Set for Pasture Nets WolfStop blackthermoplastic + fibreglass 24 cm 1/56
27808Spare PostSingle prongbluethermoplastic + fibreglass122 cm  1/50
27809Spare PostDouble prongbluethermoplastic + fibreglass122 cm  1/50