Modular Hoarding

  • practical connecting system for easy and tool-free installation of hoardings
  • suitable for the creation of pre-gathering spaces, pens, individual and group boxes or stall dividers
  • 7 cross tubes with increasing distance from bottom to top, tube diameter 25 mm or 21,3 mm

Extra strong connecting plates (5 mm)

Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialWidthHeightPUPallet
442600Modular Hoardingmetal hot-dip galvanised137 cm92 cm180 PAL
442601Modular Hoardingmetal hot-dip galvanised183 cm92 cm160 PAL
442602Modular Hoardingmetal hot-dip galvanised275 cm92 cm180 PAL
442603Modular Hoarding with doormetal hot-dip galvanised183 cm92 cm168 PAL
442604Modular Hoarding with doormetal hot-dip galvanised275 cm92 cm160 PAL
442611Modular Hoarding with 2 lamb slipsmetal hot-dip galvanised183 cm92 cm160 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialHeightPU
442607Bucket Holdermetal galvanised 1
32704Double Hay Rackmetal galvanised48 cm1
442612Connecting Rod for Plug Traysmetal galvanised95 cm1/20
32702Double Hay Rackmetal galvanised48 cm1
442606Spare Strut for connecting hoardings with shaftsmetal galvanised92 cm1