Power Shock B 500 plus

  • extremely powerful 9 volt dry battery device
  • perfectly suited for horse and cattle paddocks
  • increased output power and AUTO mode!
  • battery unit for long fences and light vegetative growth
  • up to max. 0.6 Joules in 12 V mode

visual check for fence insulation and battery voltage

Extremely robust housing with innovative locking technology

allows for optional operation with 12 V battery – with deep discharge protection

Fence control LED and separate battery warning indicator

  • allows for alternative operation with 12 Volt battery
  • 3-year warranty
Ref. no.PUPallet
372030154 PAL
ModelRef. no.Stored Energymax. discharge energymax. voltageVoltage in Open CircuitVoltage at 500 Ohmstheoretical fence length as per VDEmax. fence length without vegetationmax. fence length with medium vegetationmax. fence length with high vegetationQty 1 m earth postsPower Consumption
B 500 plus3720300.64 J0.5 J9,000 V9,000 V3,700 V16 km9 km6 km1.8 km117 mA - 66 mA
Included in delivery:

1 x fence unit

1 x earth rod

1 x fence / ground connector cable

1 x warning sign