Recycling Post Round Profile

  • drive into the ground about 50 – 60 cm deep
  • tried-and-tested round profile

well suited for soft, moist or deep grounds

extremely durable

optimal processing possible (screwing, nailing, sawing, drilling)

fully insulated

Ground water-neutral and rot-proof

sharpened on one side

ideal as a track post

ideal as a track post

  • 10-year guarantee
Ref. no.Total heightpost ØPUPallet
442071200 cm70 mm174 PAL
44463150 cm60 mm1125 PAL
44460130 cm45 mm1165 PAL
44462150 cm50 mm1300 PAL
44465180 cm75 mm160 PAL
44474185 cm60 mm1125 PAL
44467200 cm75 mm160 PAL
44469220 cm100 mm133 PAL