Rope PlatinumLine

Conductive, robust and safe - our fence rope combines excellent conductivity with an increased breaking load. With its unique braiding, continuous surface conductor wires and extra-thick copper wires, it offers optimum contact and safety for your animals.

  • the ideal combination of the best conductivity and increased breaking load combined in one conductor material
  • unique braiding for maximum stability and durability with improved elasticity
  • the conductor wires running continuously on the surface guarantee optimum contact at all times
  • extra-thick copper wires ensure high conductivity and protection

We generally recommend the use of stainless steel accessories (connectors, fittings, gate handles)

Ref. no.LengthColourmax. recommended fence lengthResistanceNumber of conductorsStainless Steel LadderTin-plated copper conductorBreak loadPUPallet
442825500 mwhite / blue35 km0.05 Ω/m128 x 0,2 mm4 x 0,25 mm650 kg148 PAL
442824200 mwhite / blue35 km0.05 Ω/m128 x 0,2 mm4 x 0,25 mm650 kg1120 PAL