Tape PlatinumLine

The PlatinumLine fence tape with extra-thick monofilament threads, reinforced outer edges and tin-plated copper wires offers maximum protection and is particularly durable.

  • the ideal combination of the best conductivity and increased breaking load combined in one conductor material
  • extra-thick monofilaments and reinforced outer edges ensure excellent breaking strength and longevity
  • maximum conductivity and protection thanks to the use of thick, galvanised copper wires

We generally recommend the use of stainless steel accessories (connectors, fittings, gate handles)

Ref. no.LengthWidthColourmax. recommended fence lengthResistanceNumber of conductorsStainless Steel LadderTin-plated copper conductorBreak loadPUPallet
442820200 m12.5 mmwhite / blue13 km0.16 Ω/m53 x 0,2 mm2 x 0,25 mm80 kg1240 PAL
442821200 m20 mmwhite / blue18 km0.11 Ω/m63 x 0,2 mm3 x 0,25 mm180 kg1144 PAL
442822200 m40 mmwhite / blue30 km0.06 Ω/m106 x 0,2 mm4 x 0,25 mm270 kg160 PAL