AKO's Smart Satellite: Your fence, your control, everywhere

Stay in control wherever you are - with the Smart Satellite from AKO. It allows you to keep an eye on the fence voltage required for fence security, whether you're at home or on the move. Connect to our free app and receive real-time alerts if the fence voltage falls below the value you set directly on the Satellite. With a direct cloud connection, no Wi-Fi or central control unit is required.
Smart Satellite installiert am Leitermaterial eines elektrischen Weidezauns
Ein Mann betrachtet die Smart Satellite App auf seinem Mobiltelefon
Receive information from your fence, no matter where you are!
Full information about the security of your fence with Smart Satellite:
  • Mobile monitoring of the set minimum guard voltage on the fence via smartphone app or desktop browser
  • Real-time alarm message in the app if the voltage falls below the minimum guard voltage preset directly on the satellite (selectable between 3 kV, 5 kV, 7 kV)
  • Thanks to the satellite's direct cloud connection, no WLAN is required, making it easy to monitor fence systems from any location
  • Free app download
  • Use of all functions without follow-up costs and permanently free mobile data transfer from Smart Satellite to the app
  • Unlimited number of smart devices and users can be linked
  • Monitoring of the current fence and supply voltage as well as an overview of historical processes