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Grüner Pfeil mit Buchstabe F für Weidezaun Komponente Verbindungskabel

Connecting cable

Good connecting cables are essential in pasture fencing as they provide reliable power transmission. They ensure that the electric fence works effectively, safely deters animals and ensures the safety of the grazing area. Weak cables can compromise fence performance and cause safety hazards. Like all other components in the electric fence, connectors should be rust-free and intact (not brittle/weathered) to prevent obstruction or loss of current flow at these points.
The connecting cables must also have an appropriately low resistance (value Ohm/m), similar to the conductor material, so that the current flow is not hindered by insufficient material thickness of the wire.
Many animal owners and stable owners interpret an occasional cracking or crackling noise in the fence as a positive signal, in the sense of "electricity is flowing". In contrast, however, this noise rather indicates serious contact problems and can lead not only to malfunctions of the fence system but also to radio interference in the surroundings.
Causes for the "crackling" can be, for example:
  1. Overgrowth on the fence wire (grass, bushes) -> must be removed as power is lost - comparable to a leaky water pipe
  2. Wire touches grounded materials (e.g. metal grids, metal posts, soaked wooden posts) or the wire is even lying on the ground.
  3. Broken wires in tapes, ropes, connectors-> Replace conductor material - conductivity is otherwise lost
  4. Underground cable is damaged -> replace with high-voltage-resistant cable in protective tube
  5. Knotted conductor material -> use tape or rope connectors ( AKO Litzclip )!  Conductivity is otherwise lost - comparable to a knot
  6. Insufficient contact of connectors or connection components that are too loose -> make an electrically firm connection
  7. Defective, brittle insulators -> replace with new, well-insulating insulators .
Frau installiert ein Verbindungskabel am Weidezaun Leitermaterial
Pferd auf einer Weide mit elektrifizierter Umzäunung
In general: Cracking in the fence system always means that there is leakage somewhere along the fence. If there is 100% insulation from the earth, there would be no crackling. However, these defects also only show up if the grounding of the unit is working properly. Example: If the earthing is poor or does not work at all, no current can flow back in case of insulation defects at the fence, which means neither an animal gets a shock nor would a crackling be audible as described above.