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AKO pasture fence PREMIUM green

Organic plastic articles in pasture fence accessories

As a traditional company that manufactures products from plastics, we are aware of our special responsibility for the environment. That is why we offer our first sustainable range of pasture fence accessories made from up to 100 % renewable bio-plastic in the usual quality.
  • made from sustainable bio-based plastic - from 100 % renewable raw materials
  • wooden look due to small natural wood chips in the bioplastic
  • packaging made from 100 % recycled cardboard

Premium Ringisolator Easy Drill SX green

Premium Ringisolator Easy Drill SX green
  • High-quality wood screw (5 x 80 mm) is enclosed separately and enables quick and easy assembly using a cordless screwdriver
  • suitable for: wire, rope, strand, tape up to 10 mm
  • 100 % recyclable - at the end of the product's life, the bioplastic insulator and the screw can be separated and recycled separately from each other

Premium Tor-Set FLEXIGATE green

Premium Tor-Set FLEXIGATE green
  • integrated retraction brake ensures controlled retraction of the conductor material and prevents injuries and damage
  • continuous electrification
  • orientation of the 40 mm wide tape can be rotated by 90 degrees in the gate handle
  • extendable up to 6 m in length
  • can be mounted on both sides
  • scope of delivery includes mounting and connection accessories

Premium Gate Handle BIG green

Bild Premium Torgriff BIG green
  • tapered grip surface for a pleasant feel
  • hook and spring galvanised

AKO Weidezaun gebaut mit PREMIUM green Produkten
For our green products, we use organic materials that have been awarded the Green Brand Germany seal several times. Our quality products are particularly durable with this material, can even withstand periods of frost and can be 100% recycled. The special mix of this bio-plastic made of glucose, natural waxes, minerals and natural fibres makes it possible to largely dispense with petroleum and makes the production of our enclosures and accessories CO2-neutral. This bio-plastic is an alternative to conventional plastic made of polypropylene (PP). Thanks to the intelligent combination of renewable raw materials, it not only conserves finite resources, but also contains all the required product properties.
  • made of 100 % renewable raw materials (Flexigate only housing and door handle)
  • Wooden look due to small natural wood chips in the bioplastic
  • Packaging made of 100 % recycled cardboard