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AKO pasture fence PREMIUM green

Innovative technology, sustainable material and a new look

This is the new product family made from renewable raw materials from AKO!

Sugar cane, natural waxes, minerals and wood fibres are used to create the material, which, despite its resource-saving production, fulfils all product requirements and proves to be particularly resistant and impact-resistant, even in frost and other weather conditions.
Biobased plastic as a material scores in three respects: the properties of the resulting product fully meet the high requirements that such an article must fulfil. Moreover, its production requires significantly less irretrievable fossil raw materials. At the same time, the renewable raw materials used to produce biomaterials absorb CO₂ during their growth phase and bind it throughout their use phase. They are therefore the forward-looking material as an alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastics.

The FlexiGate is a gate system for pasture fences that can be flexibly extended to a length of up to 6m, enabling continuous electrification through proven TriCond conductor material. It is available in both rope and tape versions. On the technical side, some improvements have been made, with the integrated retraction brake ensuring controlled retraction of the ladder material and preventing injuries and damage.
  • integrated retraction brake ensures controlled retraction of the conductor material and prevents injuries and damage
  • continuous electrification
  • orientation of the 40 mm wide tape can be rotated by 90 degrees in the gate handl
  • extendable up to 6 m in length
  • can be mounted on both sides
  • scope of delivery includes mounting and connection accessories

The AKO Premium green product family is completed by the single gate handle and the new ring insulator made of the same bio-based plastic. For the ring insulator, matching high-quality wood screws are included separately and enable quick and easy assembly using standard cordless screwdrivers.

Gate Handle Premium BIG green

  • tapered grip surface for a pleasant feel
  • hook and spring galvanised

Ring Insulator Easy Drill SX green

  • High-quality wood screw (5 x 80 mm) is enclosed separately and enables quick and easy assembly using a cordless screwdriver
  • suitable for: wire, rope, strand, tape up to 10 mm
  • 100 % recyclable - at the end of the product's life, the bioplastic insulator and the screw can be separated and recycled separately from each other

No matter how robust and durable a product and its material is: one day it will have reached the end of its life cycle and will have to be disposed of. For us as a modern producer, acting sustainably and responsibly means taking this step into account and thinking about it from the very beginning: that is why all products of the Premium green family can be completely dismantled and disassembled. Especially the components - e.g. metal parts - that are the most energy-intensive in their production can thus be returned to the circular economy and recycled.