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Sustainability from the AKO company:

Pasture fence construction from resource-saving raw materials!

As a tradition-conscious company that also manufactures and sells products made of plastics, we are aware of our special responsibility for the environment - and are continuously active here in the further development of the materials of tomorrow! In this way, we conserve fossil resources and consciously participate in a sustainable range of products for your paddock fence.
There are two main approaches to conserving resources: recycling and regrowing!
You will find the following information on our products, so you can see the information you need about sustainability at a glance:


Recycled plastic

graphic about products manufactured from recycled materials.
    • environmentally friendly as fossil resource use is reduced
    • low production waste, since this is recycled
Piktogramm für recyceltes Material
The product is manufactured from recycled materials.

Plastic made from renewable raw materials

graphic about products manufactured of plastic made from renewable raw materials
  • environmentally friendly as fossil resource use is reduced
  • sugar cane traps CO₂ from the air as it grows
    -> 1 ton of material traps up to 3.09 tons of CO₂
Piktogramm für Material aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
The product is made from sustainable, renewable raw materials.

In addition, all our sustainable products are supplied in resource-saving packaging, because that is also part of a comprehensively environmentally conscious product range. The cardboard boxes are made of recycled paper - the net packaging around our conductor materials is made of recycled plastic and saves an enormous volume of packaging waste compared to classic shrink film.