Supplementary Set for Pasture Nets WolfStop

The flexible and safe solution against wolves: can be used both as dig-under and jump-over protection, as well as to increase the height of the net, keeping wolves at bay!

  • 10-piece set for mounting on all commercially net posts
  • supports can be secured in their holders at 3 defined angles
  • the net can be rolled up easily and put to one side/stored by locking the support parallel to the post (position 1.B)
  • the conductor material line (electrified) made possible by the WolfStop keeps the wolf away from the net and therefore away from the animals being protected
  • if the WolfStop is used mainly as a height extension, then a signal tape (item 27240, optionally available) can be used for scaring purposes
  • the additional conductor material line must be operated with the same device as the net itself
  • in the case of horned sheep and goats, a distance strand can be drawn on the inside of the net to the electrified wolf defence fence
  • mounted on posts in the poultry netting and equipped with an electrified wire, the WolfStop also keeps foxes away from the poultry run (mounting in position 1.A, ideally close to the ground)
  • can be used for: posts max. 16 mm diameter

3 possible applications in one solution:

as dig-under protection = mounting on the post 20 cm above ground at a 90° angle (Item 1.A), retract and electrify the wire - fix at 0° angle (Item 1.B) for mowing, removing, or rolling up the net

as jump-over protection = mounting on the top end of the post at a 45° angle (Pos. 2), retract the wire and electrify it

as height extension = mounting on the top end of the post at a 0° angle (Item 3), retract the electrified wire or signal tape

Awarded the silver DLG Innovation Prize in 2022


Ref. no.MaterialPU
27256thermoplastic + fibreglass1/56
Ref. no.DescriptionColourMaterialLengthWidthPU
27240Signalling BandbluePlastic250 m25 mm1
449312Poly Wire Premium WildHogblue 400 m 1/6
Set consisting of:

10 x support

10 x connecting terminal

10 x screw and nut set (M5)