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New additions to the Smart Energizer family

The smart AKO pasture fencing communicates with you via your fence!

The new smart range of electric fence energisers has grown significantly for the 2024 season and now offers solutions for every need and application. In the DUO range, the already familiar DUO Power X6000 smart has been expanded to include the more powerful DUO Power Xi 8000 smart. Both devices can be operated either with a 12V battery and optional solar support or with a 230V mains adapter.

With the SunPower S2400 smart, there is now also a mobile and flexible compact solar device with integrated remote-control option.

Duo Power X 6000 smart


Duo Power Xi 8000 smart


Sun Power S 2400 smart

AKO offers you a smart solution for pasture fence control that allows you to monitor and control your fence system easily and remotely via an app - whether from your smartphone or computer browser. Our devices are connected directly to the cloud/internet and therefore do not require a Wi-Fi connection or connection to another central device.

This simple and ingenious solution is unique on the market and does not incur any follow-up costs for using the app functions provided or for transferring data from the device to the app. In addition, an unlimited number of smart devices and users can be managed and integrated. Our app not only provides you with the status, but also historical curves of fence and supply voltage to give you a comprehensive overview.
Grafik über Funktion der App Smart Energizer
Advantages of the Smart Energizer App

Advantages of the app:

  • FREE app for your mobile phone
  • No follow-up costs for the included functions of the app
  • Permanently free mobile data transfer of the Smart Energiser to the app!
  • Unlimited smart devices and users can be managed in the app
Our electric fence energisers can be monitored and controlled via a free app. You have the option of switching the fence energiser on and off via the app, adjusting alarm thresholds (individual setting of the minimum guard voltage) and adjusting the output power to your specific needs.

As an additional function, the smart electric fence energisers have integrated GPS tracking. This enables you to localise the device as soon as it is connected to a power source, especially in the event of theft. We therefore offer you a further security feature to protect this important fence component.
The new Solar-PowerStation smart XL and XXL were developed for particularly large fencing systems. These complete sets with extra-large solar modules supply the smart devices and the fence with power, enabling autonomous operation throughout the main grazing season.

AKO Solar-PowerStation smart XL


AKO Solar-PowerStation smart XXL