AKO device series

We have sorted our range based on various criteria, to help you choose the right unit:

Piktogramm 5 Jahre Garantie
New from 2023: 5-year warranty!
  • Digital displays for easily reading all the important information about the unit and fence system
  • Powerful units for the most exacting requirements – long fence systems and difficult conditions are no problem
  • Intelligent adaptation to the fence status, and alarm functions ensure maximum safety for humans and animals
Premium Gerätelinie AKO Weidezaungeräte
Digital display

Piktogramm 4 Jahre Garantie
New from 2023: 4-year warranty!
  • LED displays allow easy visual monitoring of the current fence and unit status at a glance
  • Units with a high output for demanding fences
  • Good equipment means high flexibility in use
Expert Gerätelinie AKO Weidezaungeräte
LED display

Piktogramm 3 Jahre Garantie
New from 2023: 3-year warranty!
  • Check lights for the unit or fence
  • Effective output, designed for standard fences
  • Low-cost entry-level units with solid equipment
Classic Gerätelinie AKO Weidezaungeräte
Check light