What do the symbols mean?

 SymbolsShort descriptionUnitdetailed description
Symbol für Erdung
GroundingQuantityIn order to enable electricity to flow freely from the ground to the device, optimal contact should be ensured between the earthing rod and soil (dry soil is a poor electricity conductor). The earthing rod (which must be galvanised) should therefore be driven into a damp area, or the length of the earthing rod should be measured to ensure that deeper, damper soil layers are reached. The recommended number of earthing rods depends on the power class of the device.
Symbol für Zaundrahtwiderstand
The following resistance can be identified in a fence system:
Earthing resistance > should be as low as possible
Conductive material resistance > displayed in Ohm/metres. The smaller this value, the better the material‘s conductivity. The conductivity requirements of the material used increase with the length of the fence. The best materials have a resistance smaller than 0.25 Ω/m.
Isolator resistance > should be as high as possible
Symbol für Hütespannung
Max. VoltageVoltsThis voltage is reached with a low fence charge.
Symbol für Leerlaufspannung
Voltage in Open CircuitVoltsVoltage when no fence system is connected to the electric fencer device.
Symbol für Spannung bei 500 Ohm
Voltage at 500 OhmsVoltsVoltage at a fence charge of 500 Ohm.
Symbol für Ladeenergie
Stored EnergyJoulesEnergy absorbed by device. The electric fender efficiency ratio yields the relevant discharge energy value for the user.
Symbol für Impulsenergie
Max. OutputJoulesMaximum energy transmitted from the device to the fence system. This pulse is also identified as shock strength.
Symbol für minimale Entladeenergie
Output EnergyJoulesMinimum energy transmitted from the device to the fence system. This can be reached through a fence output with reduced power or through selecting the lowest power level of an electric fencer device.
Symbol für Fohlenschutzschaltung
Foal Protection SwitchUsers can activate the foal protection switch as needed. If an animal should get caught in the fence, a considerably prolonged pulse interval (up to 60 sec.) does not excessively stress the animal and also increases the likelihood of it freeing itself. In parallel, the device emits an acoustic and visual alarm.
Symbol für theoretische Zaunlänge
gemäß VDE (bei 2000 V)
Theor. Fence Length VDE
(2000 V)
kmWith fence lengths in accordance with VDE, only a theoretical value is given, which, as a result of various influences (fence flora, weather and soil conditions) cannot be reached in practice.
Symbol für Kilometerangabe
Max. Fence Length with Varying Vegetative GrowthkmFlora on the fence has a considerable influence on the max. fence length for an electric fence device. The more vegetation on the fence, the higher the fence charge will be, thus reducing the max. fence length. The fence length indications refer to highly conductive wire material and connectors, good isolators and an optimal earthing system!
Symbol für Anzahl Netze
Approx. Number of Electrifiable NetsQuantityFor 230 V and 12 V devices, the maximum number of 50 m lines to be used is given.
Symbol für Spannungsversorgung 230 Volt
Voltage Supply 230 VVoltsDevices with power supplies (230 V) have an unlimited protection duration. These are available in all necessary power classes and are the best solution for power provision
to long fences. Even in the event of heavy vegetation, sufficient energy is supplied to the fence.
Symbol für Spannungsversorgung 12 Volt oder 12 Volt Solar
Symbol für Spannungsversorgung 12 Volt Solar
Voltage Supply 12 V or 12 V SolarVolts12 Volt battery chargers are the ideal solution for long fences or fences with considerable amounts of vegetation in the event that no power supply is available. The discharge energy can be compared to the power supply units. Rechargeable 12 Volt wet cells are used as a source of power. A useful addition are solar modules, which are offered in a range of power classes and transform solar energy into electricity.
Symbol für Spannungsversorgung mit
230 Volt oder 12 Volt
Voltage Supply 230 V or 12 VVoltsThis type of device combines the unlimited protection duration of the 230 Volt devices with the mobility of the powerful 12 Volt devices.
Symbol für Spannungsversorgung mit
9 Volt
Voltage Supply 9 VVoltsThe 9 Volt dry battery devices are characterised by their excellent mobility, coupled with a long battery life. They are ideal for short fences with moderate vegetation if no power supply is available.
Symbol für Spannungsversorgung 2 x
1,5 Volt
Voltage Supply 2 x 1.5 VVolts3 Volt devices are mobile and easy to handle, and are suitable for fences without vegetation, such as in gardens or horse-training paddocks.
Symbol für Stromverbrauch
Power ConsumptionmAThe duration of the battery life can be calculated from the energy consumption along with the capacity of the battery.