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Electric fences – a powerful argument

From corn fields ruined by wild boar, fish ponds plundered by otters, or sheep taken by wolves – the topic of wild animal deterrent is not just a perennial issue, but also has additional, new, problematic facets.
The damages can quickly amount to thousands of euros. Deterrents usually
bring only time-limited success. Electric fences, in contrast, have been proven to provide safe, longterm protection.
Ein Wildschwein schnüffelt auf der Wiese Thanks to its mobility and efficacy, a pasture fence that conducts electricity in its wires provides a valuable service when setting up fencing and primarily as a protective measure. The well-known AKO fencing systems and newly developed AKO wild animal deterrent netting are very effective in the long-term defence against the aforementioned wild animals. However, each species of animal has its own characteristics that must be observed when setting up an electric fence. AKO, your reliable partner, offers a wide range of product components so that you can choose exactly the right parts to put together your ideal wild animal deterrent fence.

A click on the animal picture will provide you with extensive information and precise instructions for the suitable wild animal deterrent system.
The variety of products and their high quality alone do not lead to success. Therefore, the five following aspects must be considered for an installed electric fence:
  1. Create the best possible earthing
  2. Daily fence checks – not just with a voltage tester, also the entire fence system
  3. Pay attention to plants and branches lying over the wires and also wires sagging to the ground. They significantly reduce performance.
  4. For the same reason, the vegetation underneath the wires or netting must also be kept as short as possible
  5. The charging power of the battery should be checked at regular intervals.Replace it immediately if weakened

Multimeter und einfacher Spannungsprüfer
Useful accessories: AKO gate handle insulator and fast wire connector, multimeter and simple voltage tester.