Wild boar cause considerable damage caused by feeding and rooting

Ein Wildschwein nähert sich dem umzäunten Feld As soon as high-growing crops such as rapeseed, rye, maize or miscanthus (China reed) provide sufficient cover in the hunting grounds, wild boar will move in. The result: considerable damage caused by feeding and rooting.

Damage like this can be avoided with a properly set up and maintained AKO electric fence. The power is supplied by a very powerful 12 V AKO electric fence device. For long fences with multiple wires and where heavy vegetation is to be expected, we recommend a pulse energy of more than 5 Joules.

Please note:

in order to effectively protect rapeseed crops, but especially maize fields, the electric fence must be set up and energised before the crops provide cover. Otherwise, you run the risk of fencing in sows already in it. A wild boar defence fence should be 50 to 60 cm high.

The AKO wild animal defence net

“WildNet” has many benefits, including:
  • Fast and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • 50 m long, blue net in one piece
  • Easy connection options
  • 3 current-carrying TriCOND wires
  • Defined wire distances and number of posts
  • A guide for blue signal tape on robust posts
  • Fence height thus 75 cm
  • Blue colour more easily visible for cloven-hoofed animals

Wild boar defence fence

WildNet Abwehrzaun gegen Wildschweine
  1. WildNet
  2. Blue signal tape
  3. Fence connection cable with alligator clips
  4. Pulse-Flash
  5. Warning sign

The electric fence is even better perceived when the blue signal tape is pulled through the top guides of the fiberglass posts. In windy conditions, this additionally causes movement noise.
Our tip:
The patented WildNet can be erected and dismantled more quickly than conventional electric fences and can therefore be used flexibly. Due to the ground clearance of 22 cm, it is better for mowing out and thus has significantly fewer discharges, i.e. more power at the fence. It also offers the possibility to pull in the blue 25 mm signal tape (250 m), for better visual support. The 50m nets can be easily connected to each other, as a connector is integrated in the net, so a separate connector is not necessary.

In areas exposed to wind, we recommend that you cut the signal tape into several pieces and secure one piece to the top of each post. It's worth the effort!

“Preventing damage caused by wild animals is a key task for hunters in many territories. The electric fence is more effective than any other countermeasure, since the main maize crop has such a long at-risk period. If you do not shy away from the time-consuming regular inspections and maintenance of the electric fence then, together with some hunting, you will almost be able to forget about damage caused by wild animals!”

GAME MASTER MATTHIAS MEYER – professional hunter in a large private forestry and hunting administration, author