Litzclip Safety Link for your pasture fence

Every now and then there are panic situations in which the horses run into the pasture fence or even break through. The horses can injure themselves, for example, by tangling or cutting themselves in the fence rope. With the Litzclip Safety Links you can reduce this risk of injury.

Safety Link from Litzclip is a rope connector with a predetermined breaking point. Installed in your electric fence, the rope will “break” in panic situations at this point and thus reduce the risk of injury to the horses. You can easily reconnect the Safety Link with replacement safety buttons.
Be aware: installing one or more safety links reduces the breaking load of the rope!

Install several safety links in your pasture fence to optimize this functionality. You can also use the Safety Links as an entrance to the pasture, because they can be opened and closed quickly and easily. As with all other Litzclip electric fence connectors, the power supply is guaranteed when closed. And you can easily tension or re-tension your electric fence.
If you should run out of the supplied safety buttons , you can of course reorder them.
Litzclip® Safety Link für Elektroseil
Litzclip Safety Link

It's that simple

  1. Open plastic caps
  2. Insert ends into the Litzclip
    Fixes rope of approx. 6mm diameter securely.
  3. Close plastic caps
  4. Insert locking pieces
  5. Insert safety button – done