Litzclip Bandverbinder für deinen Weidezaun

Do you need to connect two ends of a tape or a torn tape? Then use Litzclips. With Litzclip connectors you connect tape in no time – without any tools and without a “third hand”. This is how you ensure that electricity flows through the entire pasture fence. And you can easily tension or re-tension your electric fence.

Litzclip tape connectors are available in the three standard tape withs 12.5mm, 20mm and 40mm. Litzclip – the perfect tape connector for an optimal electric fence.
Litzclip® Tape Connectors 12,5 mm
Litzclip® Bandverbinder 12,5mm
Litzclip® Tape Connectors 20 mm
Litzclip® Bandverbinder 20 mm
Litzclip® Tape Connectors 40 mm
Litzclip® Bandverbinder 40 mm

It's that simple

  1. Open plastic caps
    The plastic caps made of polyamide with UV stabilizer are extremely durable and impact-resistant.
  2. Insert ends into the Litzclip
    Special, rectangular openings make it easy to insert the tape and fix the tape securely. Double ends if tape is thin.
  3. Close plastic caps – done
    The sealing caps press the tape against the stainless steel plate and thus ensure optimum conductivity.