Pasture fence for cattle

The most important components

Permanent fence with 230 volt supply technology
Grafik für Permanentzaun mit 230 Volt Versorgungstechnik für Rinder
Mobile fence with 9 volt or 12 volt supply voltage
Grafik für Mobilzaun mit 9 Volt oder 12 Volt Versorgungsspannung für Rinder
AKO Weidezaungerät
Fence devices
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AKO Leitermaterial für Weidezäune
Conductor material
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AKO Isolatoren für Weidezäune
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Richtige Erdung für Weidezaun-Pfähle von AKO
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AKO Verbindungskabel
Connecting cable
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AKO Torsysteme für Weidezäune
Gate system
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AKO Sicherheitskomponenten für Weidezäune
Safety components
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Prevention of dangers

How to protect your cattle with the right electric fence:

Electric fences not only keep your stock to be herded in the area where they should stay - but they also protect against outside intruders! So not only should the fence be planned with regard to the animals to be herded, but also with regard to dangers from outside.

Especially young cattle that are eager to move must first learn the principle of operation and respect for electric fences. Especially for training purposes, the fences must therefore be clearly visible, have a high impact strength and thus be an effective deterrent. In regions heavily used by tourists, any potential conflict between animals and holidaymakers should also be avoided by using fences that are marked in the best possible way.

Visibility and appropriate impact strength are essential for all fences. To repel intruders, a second adequate fence line may need to be drawn to match the intruder to be repelled. Wild animals in particular often have a robust coat or have not yet experienced the deterrent effect of electric fences and therefore try to overcome the fence.
Kühe auf einer Weide hinter einem elektrischen Weidezaun