Equipped for all eventualities - combination of two fences

In order to balance special challenges in wolf defence, the combination of two fencing systems can be recommended: one fence line for herding one's own animals and another, upstream one for wolf defence.
Reasons for this can be, for example:
  • To quickly and cost-effectively supplement existing fences in order to strengthen wolf control in acute danger situations
  • For animal welfare reasons, horned animals in particular, or young or small animals, should only be fenced in with low voltage (= less than 2 joules output energy) at the fence or without any electrification at all
  • Required lines of ladder material of the animals to be herded are not compatible with the distances above ground for wolf protection (especially horse husbandry: fenced horses could get tangled when rolling in the 20- and 40-cm lines against the wolf)
  • Extremely steep terrain that allows the wolf to jump in even without additional factors (hay bales, shelters, etc.): longer stakes above ground are not a solution in this situation due to their susceptibility to wind and their weight
The following aspect must also be taken into account with combi systems:
  • If both fences are to be electrified, they must either be operated by one and the same device or, if operated with different devices, they must be at least 2.50 m apart
Grafik Schafe hinter kombiniertem Wolfsabwehrzaun

Possible combinations or case studies can be

Sheep and goats where the inner fence is to be electrified only slightly or not at all:
  • Pasture nets with outer semi-permanent fence made of angle steel posts with strands: This solution is mobile and easy to move. The wolf fence can also be erected with little effort thanks to the holes already drilled in the angular steel posts for the conductor material at the heights required for wolf protection (20 / 40 / 60 / 90 and 120 cm above ground). Operating the wolf fence with a high-impact device does not endanger the animals to be herded, but keeps the wolf away

Horse herd protection
  • Semi-permanent fence with distance insulators: With this variant, fences for wolf protection can be built for horse herd protection and thus the appropriate distances for horse and wolf can be drawn on both sides. Spacer insulators can be mounted at any height on T-posts as well as on angle steel posts. This means that one side of the fence line can be run in such a way that the animals to be herded are fenced in with the appropriate distances - the side for wolf protection is drawn with the usual 20 / 40 / 60 / 90 (if necessary 120) cm distances above ground
With this solution, both fence lines must be electrified with the same device. In addition, the distance between the two lines of conductor material on the horizontal plane should be a certain minimum distance.
Grafik für Zaunmaße für den Herdenschutz bei Pferden

Fence construction in alpine, extremely steep terrain
Analogous to the herd protection horse, this solution can compensate for steep slopes and major ground unevenness and take them into account in the course of the fence. This solution is also mobile and easy to adapt to local conditions:
Grafik für Zaunmaße für den Herdenschutz in alpinem Gebiet

In herd protection, attempts have been made in recent years in vain to integrate all herding and wolf defence requirements into a single fencing system. However, different grazing animals, farm systems and geographical conditions require a wide range of different fencing systems to function safely. The combination of animal-friendly grazing netting (inside) and wolf-repellent strand fencing (outside) brings about a significant increase in herding security in extreme locations (e.g. alpine pasture or marshland) or in particularly difficult herding conditions (e.g. horned sheep).“

CHRISTIAN SCHÄFER - Head of the German Breeding Centre for Soay Sheep and Developer of the modular double fence system