What device do I need for my fence?

  • If you have a 230 volt connection available, we always recommend choosing a strong 230 volt power supply unit (5 joules or stronger).
  • Otherwise, mobile 12 volt devices or solar devices with an output energy of 2 joules or more can be used. The 12 volt battery, charger and other accessories must be purchased separately. We generally recommend a second 12-volt battery for alternating operation (battery runtime approx. 10 - 14 days). Premium AGM batteries are recommended here as they are particularly performance-optimised and no additional battery acid needs to be purchased. The battery life can be extended considerably with solar modules.
  • 9 volt units are not suitable for wolf protection.
Schafe auf der Weide

Herding voltage and pulse energy

The voltage peak of the electrical impulse of an electric fence device is called the herding voltage. A high voltage is necessary to create a conductive "channel" between the fence wire and the animal body. For wolves we recommend min. 4,000 volts (min. 5,000 volts in dry ground conditions) voltage at each point of the fence. Now the current (impulse energy) can flow through this "channel".

The shock effect is therefore dependent on the amount of impulse energy - voltage itself does not hurt. For predator defence, we recommend 12 volt devices with at least 2 joules of impulse energy* (output, e.g. AN 4000 , AD 3000 or SunPower S3000 ) - ideally approx. 5 joules (e.g. AN 6000 , DUO X 6000 smart or AD 5000 , for extreme conditions the DUO Xi 8000 ).

If a 230 volt unit can be used, even stronger models should be chosen (e.g. N 5000 or even the NDi 15000 ).
* Bitte regionale/länderspezifische Regelungen beachten!

Extended warranty against theft

With the extended warranty against theft, you can insure your new AKO electric fence unit operated in Germany, Austria or Italy against theft for three years.

In the event of theft, you will receive a new unit of the same or a comparable type from us - after reporting it to the police. In the case of 9 V battery units, the extended guarantee against theft also covers the dry battery.

You can download the premium form for taking out the insurance in the service area on our homepage. Please also refer to this document for the provisions on the legally valid conclusion of the insurance policy and on claiming the insurance benefits.