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Which device is the right one for wolf control?

230 volt power supply units - The FIRST CHOICE when a socket is available!

These devices have an unrestricted herding duration. They are available in all required power classes and can best provide the necessary energy on long or overgrown fences or for very robust animals (2.0 joules to 14.5 joules output). The higher energies do not harm the animals, of course. All electric fencing equipment complies with the applicable safety standards. If mobile use is planned, e.g. on frequently changing pastures where no 230 volt supply is available, you will inevitably have to go for a 12 volt battery device or a solar device.

12 Volt battery-powered tools - Powerful performance even for fences with increased vegetation!

12 volt battery-powered devices are the optimal solution for very robust animals, long fences or fences with overgrowth when a 230 volt connection is not available. The discharge energy is comparable to mains devices (for wolf protection we also recommend at least 2 joules of pulse energy output). Rechargeable 12-volt batteries are used as the power source. Depending on the type of device, power requirements and battery type, they need to be recharged after approx. 2-4 weeks. There is a choice of inexpensive wet batteries, which have to be filled with appropriate acid after purchase, or AGM batteries of the latest generation with optimised performance. A good addition are solar modules, which convert solar energy into electricity and thus permanently recharge the 12 volt battery.

RotesPiktogramm Zapfsäule
Expert Tip:
How to calculate the runtime of your 12 volt battery:
  1. Usable capacity = nominal capacity (e.g. 88 Ah battery) x 0.65
  2. Current consumption of the unit (amps) = Current consumption in mA
    (see appliance type plate, e.g. 120 mA) : 1000
  3. Operating time (hours) = usable capacity : current consumption
  1. 88 Ah x 0.65 = 57.2 Ah
  2. 120 mA : 1000 = 0.120 A
  3. 57.2 Ah : 0.120 A = 476 hours (19 days)

DUO Electric Fence Units 2 in 1

12/230 volt DUO units - Maximum flexibility combined with powerful output energies! Two energy sources possible - 230 volts mains voltage or 12 volts rechargeable battery. This means you can work with one unit both stationary with 230 volt mains supply and mobile with 12 volt rechargeable battery. A 12-volt cable and 230-volt adapter are included in the scope of delivery.

Compact solar units - harness the power of the sun

The crystalline solar modules used by AKO are characterised by their high efficiency as well as their robustness and long service life. In combination with the matching high-performance solar pasture fencing devices, fences with a length of many kilometres can be supplied with electricity in the long term. Even after a whole week without direct sunlight, these pasture fence devices still have enough power to supply your fence with enough electricity. These special devices are excellent for fencing relatively large areas. This way, there is always enough voltage on the fence everywhere, without you needing a socket nearby!

The 12 volt AGM battery is integrated and is permanently charged by the solar panel connected to the housing. If the battery needs to be recharged, e.g. for battery maintenance outside the grazing season, you can recharge it using the 230 volt mains adapter supplied.

For the successful and uncomplicated electrification of your wolf defence fence, AKO also offers modular complete sets in various impact strengths, e.g. the starter sets Savanne 3000, AD 3000 digital and AN 6000.
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