Electric fence nets

Electric fence nets are particularly suitable in the field of sheep and goat husbandry for mobile fences that are moved frequently. Net fences should not be longer than 2000 metres and the total resistance should not exceed 1.5 ohms per metre (without vegetation) and 0.25 ohms per metre with heavy vegetation. Nets become herd-proof on the one hand through the combination with high-impact pasture fencing equipment, and on the other hand through a particularly upright stand, whereby the required height can be reached and maintained even in difficult ground conditions and adverse weather conditions. In our product range you will therefore find
  • Premium wicker nets: with the perfect mix of materials, significantly stiffer poles are achieved, with excellent stability and durability
  • The TitanNet series: with stiffened vertical struts instead of soft strands
Schafe geschützt von mobilem Wolfsabwehrzaun
We recommend that you mow out the fence line and clear it of bushes before erecting it, as this will otherwise lead to increased drainage ergo a loss of effectiveness of the net. In order to keep the netting safe and strong, it should be regularly cleared of vegetation, also to prevent ingrowth. In general, a net should never be left in the same place permanently or over a longer period of time: the risk that smaller animals (hedgehogs or rabbits) can get caught in the net and die from it increases considerably with a longer standing time of the net.

The nets we recommend here meet the VDE requirements, according to which wolf-proof fencing measures must be at least 90 cm high and have at least 4 current-carrying rows of strands with 20 / 40 / 60 and 90 cm intervals.
Please observe regional specifications and guidelines on net height/structure and their funding possibilities!
It is also particularly important with nets that the lowest, non-current-carrying strand follows the contour of the terrain and the first current-carrying strand runs max. 20 cm above ground with max. 5 cm tolerance.

For additional safety, nets up to 145 cm high can be recommended, but these are more difficult to handle.

When selecting suitable grazing nets for horned sheep or goats, we recommend consulting the expert advisors.

Important: A mobile pen must not be too small so that a wolf does not get too close to the farm animals, possibly causing them to panic and threatening an escape. In individual cases, double fencing is necessary: This creates a "safety ring".