Semi-permanent wolf defence fence

T-posts are made of processed, hot-rolled rail steel. Due to its extreme rigidity, this steel deforms only minimally even under the greatest stress and is therefore suitable for almost all ground conditions.

Due to its extreme rigidity, it is possible to clamp a wide range of insulators for all conductor materials simply and without tools at any height.

As an alternative to the T-Post, a classic angled steel post with matching cotter pin insulators or insulators with M6 thread can also be used: this already has the pre-drilled holes at the height suitable for wolf protection and is excellently suited for dry and stony soils.

Grafik Schafe hinter halbpermanentem Wolfsabwehrzaun
Please note:
  • Select the strongest possible electric fence (min. 2 joules output energy) and install it with the best possible earthing (observe the recommended minimum number of earth rods).
  • Use highly conductive, visible conductor material 4 (e.g. Premium WildHog stranded wire with copper and INOX conductors) in at least 5 rows (the resistance of the conductor material should be less than 0.5 Ohm/metre).
  • DO NOT knot when connecting the strand ends or at the gate, but use special strand and quick connectors.
  • Allow for maximum ground clearance (approx. 20 cm)
  • Be sure to remove grass and bushes regularly - there must be no leakage
  • Install conductor material in the following heights: approx. 20 / 40 / 60 / 90 / 120 cm
  • T-posts 1 are used as line piles, in the corners and, if necessary, at gates.
  • Pile spacing is approx. 4 m (approx. 1.5 m in the corners/goals)
  • For diagonal support of the corner and gate posts, we recommend the use of our Fence Starter Set T-Post  2 and Variable Corner Solution Set T-Post  3
  • The tried-and-tested T-Post clip insulators 11 are used as section insulators.
  • In the corners, Tape/Rope Corner Solution T-Post  10 is to be installed at the appropriate heights.
Warning signs 5 must be placed at regular intervals along public paths.

The gate itself is most easily built with the AKO Gate Spring Kit  7 (not suitable for horses). It is important that the connection of the electric wire on the right and left of the two gate posts to the gate insulator 8 or 9 is made using metal Quick rope/poly wire connector 13. This ensures continuous electrification at the gate. Strand ends must not be knotted, but must be connected by means of special connector 14 " AKO-LitzClip" . Also with this fence system, the electric strands must always be well tensioned and connected in parallel to each other near the unit and at least at the furthest point 12. Further fence connection cables are recommended.
Our ram and puller make it easy to knock in and remove your T-posts .

When planning the fence - especially the overall height and spacing of the ladder materials - it is essential to also take into account the needs of your animals to be herded

Grafik Planung und Maße des halbpermanentem Wolfsabwehrzaun